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So I’ve started to think about the world in context of a new mantra that I’ve found particularly compelling … ALL Lives Matter.

As our political society continues to become more isolationist,  we move further and further away from the understanding that our beliefs, irrespective of how it impacts our interconnected, symbiotic brothers and sister sharing our existence, are more important than results.  We focus on the differences and ignore the similarities of our belief systems missing opportunities to build on shared beliefs from different cores.  We focus on the differences in implementation vs. shared outcome.  We don’t know how to broker the win-win …

I’m reminded of a saying (which I take credit for in my mind) – While there may be a victor in war, no one escapes without the wounds of battle…

So, here’s my contribution to the Poetry Project:

Lay down your weapons, warriors

Lay down your guns, lay down your words and lay down your hate.

Lay down your fears, your jealousy and your contempt

Lay down all the things that make us different and look inside

Look inside for my peace, look inside for my words and look inside for my love

Look inside for my story, my strength and my compassion

Lay down our differences and look inside for our similarities, fellow human

Lay down, look inside and let our shared beliefs to carry us forward  …

Lay Down and Look – Colourvive