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I open the sliding glass door to let our pup out one more time before heading up and pause as I breath in the cool crisp air.  I scan the silhouette trees and star filled sky thinking how some of those points of light are actually entire galaxies and my place in the universe is infinitely insignificant when compared to its real scope of our existence … And I’m stuck about the complexity of such a random moment in time and how my existence (our existence) is intimately intertwined in billions of years of guidance that has brought us to THIS moment; THIS place in time.  

Then I question; would taking away any one piece of the fabric of existence change anything?  Would eliminating a singular moment impact current reality?  I find myself answering my question “No.  Life is a complex, intertwined existence and changing one instance can’t change the momentum created by time itself.”

And anyway, in reality, it’s all way too complex for any of us to understand … 

So, I’ll just embrace the realization that we’re responsible for our today and treating tomorrow like its important … And I need to get some sleep to do both.

Good night, Earth Day.