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The Religious Freedom Restoration Act continues to a huge source of embarrassment for Indiana.   A small group of lawmakers and lobbyists, whose egos obviously need stroked (see The Lyric Project 58.0 post for more clarification), feel that I need more protection to worship as I see fit.   I don’t.  As a Hoosier, the ability to worship as I please has never been impinged upon by the government.

The Indiana lawmakers who came up with this ILL CONCEIVED LAW are hiding behind the ascertain that we, as Hoosiers, hold these beliefs.  Well, we don’t.  It’s being sold as protection that the residents of Indiana deserve but I don’t know a single person who support this bill (including conservatives – AND am embarrassed to say I used to claim to be a centrist Republican).

Governor Pence claims that media is driving and distorting the discussion.  Well, they’re not.  The media is telling a story that accurately reflects what Indiana voters believe.  NO ONE AGREES WITH our lawmakers’ fabricated story that this bill is about anything other than DISCRIMINATION.  Consequently, there’s no one to defend the bill but the few that drove it.  The churches don’t support it, business clearly doesn’t support it and the people who voted for you (and I wont again) don’t support it.

This has never been about what is good for Hoosiers, it is only about Governor Pence’s alternative agendas.  This bill is not good for Indiana creating a division that was never part of the larger discussions before now.  It will impact the business climate that Governor Daniels’ administration worked so hard to cultivate by diminishing the state’s ability to competitively attract businesses.

Governor Pence, do the right thing for Indiana and quit pushing an agenda that it not ours, only yours.