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Today, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act went to Indiana’s Governor for signature … Here’s the email I sent to his office to ask that he veto this act that encourages hate and discrimination:


Our nation has worked to hard to overcome hate and discrimination to see it eroded by this act. 

It is not man’s place to build barriers between God’s children. We cannot peer into the mind of our creator to understand His plan … we can only encourage love. It is not man’s beliefs that dictate right and wrong; only God can determine morality. Man’s role in the universe is to spread God’s love and we can only do that through tolerance, understanding and the belief that we don’t understand the mind of God.

That’s why, as a Hoosier, I’m writing to urge you to veto the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Our world already has too many entities who think they have the ultimate answer and our world suffers from them everyday through discrimination, hate for others beliefs and war. Let God decide which of his children are deserving of His compassion, not the Governor of Indiana.

Please don’t perpetuate discrimination and hate.  Veto it.  Veto RFRA/SB 101. 



If you are from Indiana and agree that discrimination, no matter what you call it, is wrong, please visit this website and make yourself heard.