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My morning wakefulness literally starts in step with the time stamp of this album … at 4:30 AM.

Almost without fail, each morning hours before my friend on the nightstand summons me to rise and embrace yet another day of battling non-congruent connections and the weight of the world that others bestow, I awake with racing thoughts that trump the need for rest. Closing my eyes only increases the furious onslaught of thoughts so I venture downstairs to the confines of my premolded chair and try to escape me.

Sometimes I’m joined by our happy pup (the one with the waggily tail); sometimes I joined by the most trusting friend in the world (who only kneads incessantly); sometimes it’s just me, but always, this quiet time is spent pondering my existence (or waxing philosophically about a Lyric). Nothing is ever solved but the amusements of my mind are placated and the need for rest returns around 6:13 AM (an hour after the last time stamp of this album and a few minutes before my alarm would wake everyone else) and I ascend the stairs in search of my side of the bed that has cooled during my contemplative time.

Returning to the position next to my bride, I await the gentle reminder of classical music that I snooze to chase away the day for another nine minutes at a time…

These lyrics (it’s actually two songs) come from a concept album that traces the dream of the writer as he goes through a self destructive discovery that terminates with the realization that he’s only sleeping.

While the whole album has always transfixed me, the lyrical poetry and power of these short lyrics amaze me. Enjoy a dream …

5:06 AM

In truck stops and hamburger joints
In Cadillac limousines
In the company of has-beens
And bent-backs and sleeping forms
On pavement steps
In libraries and railway stations
In books and banks
In the pages of history
In suicidal cavalry attacks
I recognise…
Myself in every stranger’s eyes

And now from where I stand
Upon this hill I plundered from the pool
I look around, I search the skies
I shade my eyes, so nearly blind
And I see signs of half remembered days
I hear bells that chime in strange familiar ways
I recognise…
The hope you kindle in your eyes

It’s oh so easy now
As we lie here in the dark
Nothing interferes it’s obvious
How to beat the tears
That threaten to snuff out
The spark of our love

5:11 AM

And the moment of clarity
Faded like charity does
I opened one eye
And I put out my hand just to touch your soft hair
To make sure in the darkness that you were still there
And I have to admit
I was just a little afraid, oh yeah
But then…
I had a little bit of luck
You were awake
I couldn’t take another moment alone.

5:06 AM (Every Stranger’s Eyes)/5:11 AM (The Moment of Clarity) – Roger Waters