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It’s Thanksgiving and I’m thankful. It’s Thanksgiving and I’m hopeful. It’s Thanksgiving and I think I finally want to be thankful and hopeful.

It’s thanksgiving and I’m thankful. I’m thankful for family; my wife who will always be the strongest person I know; my daughter who is responsible for most of the posts about love (and probably loss too) on my blog; my parents (although sometimes I think I’ve got too much of my dad and mom in me) and my pets who simply want my love. I’m thankful for friends and everyone thats made me who I am. I’m thankful for (all the tortured) music(ians) that has(have) been my constant counselor and the only unwavering friend I can trust to be there when needed. I’m thankful that God had given me so many gifts ….

It’s Thanksgiving and I’m hopeful. I’m hopeful for tomorrow. I’m hopeful that I’m laying the groundwork to escape the traps I’ve laid and so deeply want to escape. I’m hopeful my fear of loss from change finally loses it’s grip and let’s me move forward. I’m hopeful for the strength I feign but don’t have. I’m hopeful for the gifts God has given me but I’m too scared to open …

It’s Thanksgiving and I’m thankful and hopeful; and that’s what it’s all about, right? It’s Thanksgiving and today is the day to be grateful for all we have and is yet to come.

Happy Thanksgiving (for today and tomorrow).