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Music is noise … and my mom was the first to point this out (to me).

Whether it was late seventies Steely Dan, early eighties Pink Floyd or mid-eighties (heavy or glam) metal, I remember hearing my mom saying “that’s not music, that’s just noise”. Of course I disagreed but watching “Later … with Jules Holland” tonight I realized she was right; music is just noise; beautiful noise.

Tonight’s episode (actually a couple of nights thanks to TiVo) included Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters, Counting Crows, Tune-Yards, Years & Years and Gedeon Luke and the People. The diversity of music, even within each band, was awe inspiring and it made me wonder; WWMT … What Would Mozart Think?

Music has evolved in ways no one could ever have anticipated in Mozart’s days. From a time when an artist was supported by one benefactor and ignored by everyone else until centuries later to a time when the popularity of two tunes today defines who you are tomorrow; from a time when the musical arts were passed from musician to musician to be heard to a time when the latest song is immediately available on you streaming device, the music industry has developed into a diverse, immediate experience.

Today’s music has evolved into a blend of world traditional music and artists interpretation. What we listen to today has evolved from campfire music handed down by generations in remote locations around the world to artists who push the envelope trying to blend that world music with their idea of the musical arts.

So what do I think Mozart would think about today’s music?

I think he would say it’s noise; beautiful noise.

Good call, mom.