(This is what I see at this exact moment)

So this post is going to evolve before I finalize it but I thought it could be fun to share how I write stuff. I’m already about a week or two into jotting down ideas on a sticky note at work and then putting a draft in WordPress and editing and re-editing them and then, changing direction and then, waking up at 3:00 am because there’s shit rolling around in my mind that won’t let me sleep until I get it out and even then, sometimes I can’t sleep.

So … here’s a snapshot in time that may change tomorrow (because it already has several times tonight) or could just stay this way for a long time because something else consumes me.

This thought started off as a thought about how memories fade with time and how, when they fade, it’s dangerous (for me anyway) to try and refresh them because you NEVER get it perfectly right and eventually blue becomes red and everything is lost.

Eventually I want to turn it into a song but the last time I woke up at 3:00 am and tried to weave something from the words at the bottom of this page (well, today anyway) and the chords I’ve been noodling with, it was all wrong. Tonight, I’ll try some of the chords I walked away from seeing Robert Cray with and see if the blues fit. Maybe that’s the ticket … (And, yes, that was already a change, the key of Bm (something I learned about tonight!) and chord progression I learned from a Robert Cray tune worked perfectly!)

Probably a couple drafts in of thoughts

Pictures fade. They fade with time. Film, negatives, prints and memories fade with each subsequent day …

You and your picture are always in my mind but the colours have muted and I’m afraid …

I’m afraid of losing them forever and I’m afraid of trying to refresh those colours for fear of getting it wrong.

Will I lose the the true memory of you and have nothing left ?

So, I’m afraid. And I miss you …

First draft of a Lyric/poem (if it doesn’t work as a Lyric, I’ll just call it a poem. It’s intentionally raw bit will evolve.)

(Bm) Last (F#m) night (Em) it wasn’t (A) easy to (Bm) sleep
(Bm) I (F#m) close (Em) my eyes and (A) I (Bm) see … {done for tonight … It’s 1:00 am!}
The memory of who we used to be
And what you meant to me

But pictures fade with time
Vivid colours start to mute
Memories disappear from my mind

pictures always fade with time
Colours mute

So lately I’ve been scared, you see
Of losing
The lasting memory of thee
Cause pictures fade with time

Colours too faded to see
Losing the real you to time

Your pictures is always with me