Since I know a total of zero of anyone that looks at my rumblings, rants or cacophonous thoughts, I can ask the question (without concern for questions from anyone I know); Am I getting lonelier as I get older?

I could write a long dissertation about the friends I have lost, friends I no longer keep in touch with, family members who have passed, commonalities that have evaporated with time or people I have grown apart from… But the fact remains I think I’m lonelier today than when I was younger.

If you’re listed above, I miss you immensely. I’m sure it’s mostly my fault, but I don’t have the energy for self discovery right now. A fact is a fact and sometimes it’s okay to wallow.

But, I also wonder if that’s my destiny. Loneliness. Is that all of our destinies?

(And no, (sorry) those of you who do read my rantings don’t have sparkling eyes that warm the soul.)

I see my mother’s loneliness. I look around me and see my friends loneliness. Is that all of our destinies?

Hopefully not … But so sometimes it’s okay to wallow.