The war against extremism; how well did that work? I’d say pretty well.

I heard it on NPR today about how the “Evils” are overtaking Syria and creating a new incubator for extremists. The war has gotten so far into the main stream US media that National Public Radio is still espousing its evils 12 years after 9/11.

If NPR is saying it, the last two administrations have done a phenomenal job of keeping this war relevant.


It could be the long practiced political strategy of having an evil foe to galvanize your country, or (stay with me for a second), it could be that it’s no more complicated than because it was, and still should be, relevant. This is a war that can’t be cast this as a western political war because it matter if you’re a republican or democrat; Bush and Obama are still fighting the same idealogical war.

What confuses me most is it seems more like its a war between religion and a political/social philosophy. For the extremist, it doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish, Christian or Muslim; you’re still Western and you deserve to die. For the West, it’s pretty much spun as an affront against extremists (who happen to be Muslim) because they want to fly airplanes into our buildings and try to blow up shoe bombs on our planes (which are both real).

The NPR story essentially said that Syria is becoming the new (pre-911) Afghanistan as a lawless county where extremists can enter, train and leave to become a terrorist of the world. (And I say, “Seriously?”)

The only religions left out of the discussion are those that don’t HATE; the pacifists. They aren’t the true believers or the extremists; they search for the Zen or the Tao. They understand that life is more than YOUR religion; it is OUR universe. They know that life is more than my existence, life is our existence.

The war can’t be against pacifists because they understand that Life is not a fight and that Life is more than an existence. Life is beautiful; Life is meant to be experienced. Life is the interconnected universe.

Life should be Winnie the Pooh.

Life is best represented by those who go through their life with the simple and humble belief that they don’t hold all the answers. We’ve seen time and time again that those who hold “all the answers” and have the authority of a higher power fall victim to arrogance which shows they have significantly less than all the answers.

I believe in you, Winnie (and think I’ll vote for you in the next election as a write-in candidate, if you’re okay with that).

Stay peaceful.

Stay love.

Stay LIFE.

(And now, back to your regularly scheduled war…)