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I’ve had a life long love affair with music.  Music gives me a place to hide and provides a creative outlet.

One of my earliest memories period is lying in bed at night listening to the radio coming from my older sisters room in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  When a song that I particularly liked came on, I’d call from my bedroom down the hall to my sister pleading her to turn it up. When she gave in, I’d close my eyes and enjoy the journey the music took me.

I have an appreciation for all music and the art that it represents (although I’ll admit there are some genres that I don’t appreciate TOO much).  I’m in awe of artist’s talents to create music that moves listeners in ways that only music can.

Whether its rock, classical, jazz, blues, folk, pop or other, music can be very powerful to those who listen.   A tear can be brought on by a the haunting beauty of a violin string holding a soulful note or by a song that evokes memories of a missing family member.  Music can bring people to their feet with the national anthem that invokes pride and respect for their country or an infectious groove from the Dead that makes your arms and feet become one with the universe.

I am a visual person and listening to music generates visions in my head that enhance the experience and power of a song for me.  Sometimes the vision and story that presents itself is an extension of the music; sometimes it’s an extension of society; always it’s an extension of me.

A couple of years ago, I made time to create interpretations of the visions that a few songs brought me.

A couple were from the Flaming Lips; a band that has always understood the power of visual art with music.  This is one version (I called it the Helpless version – there’s also one called the Victims version but in reality, you could probably use the names interchangeably) of Vein of Stars that I had a lot of fun putting together.  I’ll post the other one soon.

This was done for fun, out of boredom and the need to create something concrete out of my visual cortex.

I’ve got a video that I shot with my phone and interlaced with video captures from the web and Radiohead telling a story of real life horrors.  I’ve got  a few started but unfinished (by John Mayer and Sufjan Stevens) that probably wont ever be completed because I’ve moved on past their relevance (not the music, just the visions!).

One of the Days, I’ll tackle Pink Floyd.  That will be an epic challenge.  Anything I do, however, will never be fully inclusive of my thoughts and visions.  I love music (and what it does for me); music is important.  I love the videos that play through my head when listening to a song; visions are important.  Some of my visions are too weird to share; some are too personal. Some bring me a smile; some bring me sadness.

Some beg to be shared.