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Nature in Balance

Life played as a Symphony

Starts in the Center

Balance in an unbalanced world is sometimes tough to understand, identify and achieve. Balance in our lives is also easy to lose.  Finding and maintaining our way, is crucial to being happy.


Responsibilities seem to have a tendency to pull in many different directions like sides pulling on ropes in a multi-team game of tug of war. Work pulls in one direction, home in another, volunteer a third and family a fourth.  Often, these differing forces are pulling at the same time and, all of the sudden, there’s no time left for friends or us.  If one or two of the forces pulling actually help maintain balance in life, things may be going well.  If not, it’s very easy to lose the center, and once away, even the most mundane tasks can feel overwhelming.  Finding balance at the center again is farthest thing from the mind.

For each of us, defining what brings us balance in life is different.  Understanding what helps achieve or maintain balance is crucial to keeping centered and focused on the truly important things in life.  Exploring, identifying and cultivating these core principles will help, by their very nature, keep life in tune with the moralities that are espoused and important the core of our beliefs.

Equally as critical, is understanding when balance is not present and the center is lost.  Simply put, if there is no notion that things are out of whack, how can they be fixed?  Something (a post perhaps?) must trigger the understanding of the imbalance and help identify when you have strayed from your center.  The trigger may be an identification of the chaos in your life, the underlying feeling of discord within yourself or just the pining for something more.

But once identified, we can start to work on finding a path back to a more peaceful place …