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How do I control the Hard to Control?

As a manager, my job is to control.  I watch over the processes developed to control projects and ensure that we are successful.  We create plans and schedules, provide systems and training, set goals and track progress all in the name of controlling the outcomes of our team, projects and bottom line.

So what’s the hardest thing to control?  For me … it’s probably me.

There’s not a system to manage my emotions or the way I feel. There’s not a plan to control traits that have brought both success and challenges.  There’s no process to eliminate the life style choices I know are unhealthy.  There’s no training to eliminate the thoughts that populate my day.

How do you control the hard to control?

I suppose some of it comes back to wanting chaos vs. control; thinking you deserve punishment vs. reward; wanting the feeling of disorder vs. comfort; knowing you must find comfort in the shoes you wear vs. the pair that doesn’t fit; B vs. A.

How do you give yourself the freedom to feel good?  How do you know when it’s time to remove the self imposed obstacles? How do you say it’s okay to be happy?

How do I control the Hard to Control?

(p.s. let me know if you have any ideas.)