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I went to a funeral today and, after listening to beautiful stories about a life that touched so many others in profound ways, walked away with a thought to ponder;  how many hats do I wear and, more importantly, how well are they worn?

Some hats I wear are easy to define:  father, husband, son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, friend, co-worker, coach …

Some are more difficult to understand: teacher, leader, supporter, care-giver …

Some are hats that aren’t quite as important: Purdue/Bears fan, music lover …

Some hats I wear are absolutely critical.

But, naming the hats really isn’t the important thing, is it?  It’s the second question that is critical to understand.  The second question is also infinately more difficult to answer.

Hopefully, knowing the second question is there helps in wearing the hats better.  Thoughtful exploration over what each means to me and those who depend on me will help me too.

How many hats do you wear?

Easy question.  Tough answer.  Good luck.